Spin Mechanics 5 and Nano MRI 6 workshop

We warmly thank all the participants for their involvement, the workshop was a great success ! The next Spin Mechanics conference will be held next year in Japan.


This meeting will bring together an interdisciplinary community of scientists, students and engineers interested in the broader development of novel techniques to excite and detect spin dynamics at the nanoscale through mechanical-optical-electronic systems coupling. More specifically this École will present the recent research progress and the future frontier in information technology research that exploits the magnetic resonance spectroscopy at the nanoscale. The topics include:

- Magnetic resonance imaging at the nanoscale
- Hybrid spin mechanical systems
- Spintronics
- Optomechanics and ultrasensitive force sensing


The format is a five days session in the beautiful settings of the French Alps on the slope of the Mt Blanc. The aim is to bring the broadest spectrum of scientists together to discuss their current research and build networks with their peers. Presentation of the participant research will be through four broad tutorials covering all the conference topics, 43 invited talk and 20 poster presentations including content spanning from introductory material for non-experts to the latest unpublished research. Ample time for questions and discussions will be reserved to promote the exchange of ideas.